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Should you go to hair coloring with clean or greasy hair ?

We say clean hair!

Why ?

When hair is greasy the color products need more time to open cuticula and deposit pigments in cortex (inside the hair). In hairsalon NIKOLAMELITA our Keune colors have great ingredients that make your hair in better conditions after coloring process than before. So, its Myth that greasy hair will be more protected than clean hair. Your hair dont need protection from this super protective coloring products! Just enjoy and relax in great espresso during coloring process.

Here are some tips for you before coloring:

Tip #1 - Dont use color sprays on the roots

on day of coloring. Sometimes because of that , haircolors can not perfectly cover the grey hair!

Tip #2 - Also dont use dry shampoo before coloring

The spray will absorbe the maze but its still there because even if you brush out from your hair some of it will stay on the roots.

So , what to do?

Wash your hair the day before visiting your hairdresser

Use the shampoo and conditioner like always.

And enjoy :-)

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