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We founded the NIKOLAMELITA hair salon in 2006


From the very first moment, we offer our clients world-class experience, the certainty of top crafts and a relaxed, almost “Southern” atmosphere. You leave our salon not only more beautiful but also tranquil and satisfied. In NIKOLAMELITA there is an international team that has many international accolades and awards.


For over 20 years we have been training and educating hairdressers in several European countries and of course in the Czech Republic.


Long-term cooperation with renowned hairdressing brands such as Jacques Dessange, L'oreal, Wella, Sebastian professional, Elgon or Selective professional, this is not only our honor but also a sign of the professionalism awaiting you in our establishment.


We are currently members of Goldwell Education Team, which is also in charge of the world-class luxury hair products brand Oribe which our clients adore almost as we do.

 Our expertise and services are utilized during many workshops, fashion shows, hair shows, commercials, photo shoots and everything else in where hair care and fashion are involved. We are not trying to amaze you, we just want you to know that you are in the hands of true professionals who do not need tabloid media to promote their services.


In our salon "It's about you", our goal and wish are that you feel satisfied, otherwise, our professional successes make no real sense.


See you in the mirror!   


                                                                                     Melita Del Ponte, Nikola Stojanovic and yours hair Hairsalon NIKOLAMELITA 


Prague, Karlin

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